APCM 2017-2108

Introduction by the Vicar

It has been another lovely year in the life of the parish. The work that goes on in our six churches is quite amazing and my thanks go to the churchwardens, committees and all who those who help them in their various capacities.

Most of our churches have experienced growth or stability whilst acknowledging that we have also experienced a number of people who, sadly, have either died or moved away.

I am so pleased to report that the mission of the parish looks beyond itself where so many churches focus solely on their own corner of the universe. This means that as well as having outstanding hospitality and welcome in our churches which provide excellent standards of worship and services that mark special occasions in the lives of everyone in our communities i.e. weddings, baptisms and funerals we have established partnerships with the communities beyond the boundary walls of the church buildings too.

There are partnerships in the local civic arena like the Nidderdale Strategic Planning Group, the Young Farmers Club, Auction Mart chaplaincy, school’s work, we run regular Family Fun Days at St Cuthbert’s Church, a monthly parish walking group, monthly Coffee Mornings supporting local charities and good causes, a pastoral visiting team, games nights in one of the local pubs, beer and carols in two of the local pubs, facilitating events for the community such as the first aid course which has led to the Bridge Inn equipping themselves with a defibrillator, then there are all the things that go on with the Church in the Dale e.g. the work with the Syrian refugees, St Cuthbert’s Church again is the hub for the Nidderdale Food Bank. Looking further afield we have mission partners Simon and Grace Stretton-Downes in Liberia and John and Cathie Rutter in Uganda and receive regular updates from both of them.

The Gospel reading set for today reminds us of Jesus referring to himself as the true vine, that if we abide in him then we will bear much fruit. There is plenty of evidence that we are rooted and grounded in fertile ground here in this parish, but that should not be a reason to relax, there is much still to be done. Our churchwardens do a fantastic job, but they should be training people up to take their place. Whilst the job of churchwarden looks huge on paper the reality is that I do my part to make their lives as easy as possible for them, but they do work really hard and that’s partly why the parish is doing so well. So my message for this year, is to encourage you to step up to the mark, become a deputy churchwarden for a year and give it a go, join the governing body of the parish and become a member of the PCC, come and speak to me and let’s share the workload together, co-workers in God’s mission in a specific relationship.

It’s around this time of year that I have my Ministerial Development Review, my annual appraisal by either a bishop, an archdeacon or another clergy colleague. Whilst reflecting on our mission action plan I beamed at how much we had accomplished so far, but that is balanced by some of the things that we have not addressed so well just yet and one part that really stood out for me was our care for the environment and I would like that to be one of the focal points for the coming year, if this is an area that you feel you could help me with then I would be very grateful. I most definitely don’t sit staring out the window wondering what to do with my time, but it’s wonderful to have so many people helping me to achieve our Mission Action Plan. So my thanks go to all of you, whether you are clergy, Readers in training, Lay worship leaders, helpers in some other way or just one of our regular or occasional attenders, thank you. Let’s make this parish a shining beacon of God’s love and lets do it together, let’s live by the parish Mission Statement.

Loving God, Loving People, Partners in Mission. 


St Cuthbert's, Pateley Bridge

Our year began in March with a successful   weekend with a coffee morning, various stalls  and a hymnathon with thanks to the Summerbridge and Dacre Band. On the Sunday the Community Orchestra gave a concert.

Darryl had a bright idea to have a charity coffee morning on the 1st Saturday of the month where local charities could hire the church lounge and kitchen free of charge to raise money. This has been a resounding success. We decided if a date hadn’t been booked we would do the coffee morning for St Cuthbert’s so people were aware that there would always be a coffee morning on the first Saturday of every month unless there was a good reason to cancel it, such as adverse weather conditions.

April On the 1st of April Moorview Kennels held a coffee morning with an all male coffee    makers bakers and servers. Kath says, we must encourage this more often

Also in April there was an Easter Service held for St Cuthbert’s School and a Maundy      Thursday and Seder meal held in the church lounge.

On April 23rd  Darryl was licenced as Area Dean at the Cathedral. He was supported by his family and members of the parish.

And finally there was a successful concert was held at St Cuthbert’s by the Nidd Chorale with a bring and share meal

May The month started with a coffee morning and street collection for Saint Michael’s Hospice

On May 7th Philip and Frances renewed their wedding vows as they celebrating 60years of marriage. It was a very special service.

The Deanery Synod held a service of prayer on May 11th as part of the Archbishops call to prayer initiative, ‘Thy Kingdom Come.’

On the 12th May Bill Hickson was the subject of Desert Island Discs, which was ably chaired by Darryl.

There was a coffee morning for Christian Aid and the most successful flower festival ever was held over the bank holiday weekend, commencing with a preview on the Friday night. The theme was Pateley High Street. The imagination and flower displays were stunning. Our thanks go to all the flower ladies, cake makers meeters and greeters. Special thanks to Sharelle for her inspiration, organising and pulling the whole festival together

On this very busy weekend Bishop John Pritchard also came to the church to confirm 4       children and 2 adults

June The month started with a coffee morning for the Trefoil Guild

Kath says that she was very privileged to support Eve Greenwood and family at her          confirmation in Ripon Cathedral.

And finally Kitty la Mare gave an excellent Armed Forces Day concert in the church

July The month started with a coffee morning for the Walking in Faith Group. Raising money for local people in times of crisis and churches that need a helping hand such as Old St Mary’s which was vandalised.

The first Garden Party held at the vicarage was a great success, our thanks to Sharon for     letting us all loose in her kitchen. Also in July Darryl’s training incumbent Reverend Canon  Elizabeth Sewell presided at one of our Sunday Services and St Cuthbert’s School held their leaver’s Service in church.

August The month started with a coffee morning for the St Cuthbert’s Church. There was a magnificent organ concert given by Trevor Dawson and Darryl and friends walked the St    Cuthbert’s Way

September The month started with a coffee morning for the for the bell ringers, proceeds for new bell ropes. We welcomed the Reverend Claire Renshaw and family. Claire was on    placement in the parish until November

October Reverend Claire preached the sermon at one of the services and St Cuthbert’s School held their Harvest Service in the church. We had a bring and share lunch and with much organising we got Audrey back to thank her for all her work at St Cuthbert’s, as Church Warden as well as helping with children’s activities, bell ringing and much more. Darryl presented her with locally made and engraved glass candlesticks. Amid all her tears I think she enjoyed it.

November The month started with a coffee morning for St Michael’s Hospice with the sale of Christmas Cards. We had a lovely combined service with the Methodist Church and we said a sad goodbye to Reverend Claire, who fitted in so well. We wish her well for her future ministry

December There was no charity Coffee Morning in December. Our annual Christmas dinner was enjoyed by all. Our thanks to Jane Spooner and gang for making this possible. The annual Carol service and readings were beautiful with thanks to Brian, Andy and their team once again. St Cuthbert’s School also held their Carol service in church. The Christingle Service was a great success with thanks to Joyce and her team once again. The Midnight Mass, Christmas Day and the Watchnight Service were well attended too.

January 2018 The month started with a coffee morning for St Cuthbert’s Church

February  The month started with a coffee morning for the Brownies. The church was packed for the Thanksgiving Service for David Kaunhoven, it was a joyous occasion. The following Sunday we welcomed back Trevor and Helen Dawson with Trevor playing the organ.

March The month started with a coffee morning for the Guides St Cuthbert’s hosted a First aid course, with certificate on completion on . This was well attended by people from all over the community. The committee have met 6 times. There have been 8 funerals and 3 baptisms we thank all volunteers, too many to name for their loyalty. Darryl leads us all in meaningful worship, and we are so lucky to have priest a who is so caring and approachable. Thanks to Sharon for all her unseen work. David, Philip and Paul are a wonderful support to Darryl, also Joyce, Jane and Gordon. Thanks go to Brian our organist and the choir for all their tuneful  contributions. Barry saw his project for a level access completed, and we thank him for all his hard work in attaining grants and all the other work he does for the church. Our thanks go to all who gave so generously to make this project a reality in our time. We were all very sad to hear of the death of John Hone who was such a loyal member of St Cuthbert’s. He was Church Warden for several years working tirelessly for the good of the Church. He will be sadly missed.

Kath Gill (Churchwarden)


St Michael and All Angels, Wilsill

The churchwardens wish to thank everyone for their continued support for our church.

 We have had 4 weddings and 2 funerals and a burial of ashes this year.

 Our church continues to run at a deficit which this year is £2’262 and last year was £3’445

Rev David Hutchin organised the Taize service which was very moving. Unfortunately he has decided it was his last Taize service and we thank him for all his work over the years planning and organising this special service. The Nidd Chorale performed Stainer’s Crucifixion during Holy Week this year.

‘Jars for Change’ during Lent raised £90 for Wateraid

We had two successful Café Churches in April and June.

The church was used as a polling station for the two elections in May and June.

Our harvest service and lunch supported St. Michael’s Hospice and Wateraid

Evie and Diana Hesselden held a Coffee Morning to support Macmillan Cancer and raised £375.

Our Christmas services supported The Children’s Society, we sent £200.

This spring we have collected clothes for Syrian refugees in Wakefield and Jenny organised a food collection for Harrogate Homeless.

We have had great problems with the heating this year and thanks to Darryl we managed to get an engineer from Dru, the makers of the heaters, to fit new solenoids. It transpires that if we do not use the timer in the vestry then we do not need solenoids and Dru have sent parts so that the solenoids can be removed when they next fail.

We are very grateful to Darryl, Paul, David and Philip and to Canon Tony Shepherd for their spiritual guidance and to Jane and Gordon as Lay Worship leaders.

Thanks also to Dorothy and Joan for all their help with organising and catering for events and to Rob Clay for cutting the grass and anyone else who helps in any way.

Jean Robinson & Daphne Clay (Churchwardens)


St Mary's, Ramsgill

An average year with two funerals and one wedding.

Two new families were welcomed into the village and both have joined in worship at the monthly service and helped with flowers etc.

Morning prayer is said every Sunday at 9.00am and it is thought that this creates a presence in the Church each Sunday as it should be.

The average attendance has increased from seven to twelve at the monthly 9.00am Holy  Communion service. The fifth Sunday United Service was well attended as was a carol service arranged by the Nidderdale group of the Women’s Institute with refreshments afterwards.

Work has continued on repairs and renewals to the interior of the tower, the timber casing that enclosed the workings and electric winding gear was totally replaced, this allowed the removal of temporary plastic sheeting that had served as cover for many years.

A new timber floor was provided for the clock chamber together with a new 6 meters aluminium ladder from the clock chamber to the tower roof.

Further work is required to the exterior of the tower west elevation i.e fitting of stainless steel  masonry ties– funding is being sought for this work.

An inspection of the electric wiring was requested by the insurance company. This was done by Jacksons of Ripon. Two items required attention and are being rectified by Jacksons at an estimated cost of £450.00. The report was forwarded to the insurance company who then visited the Church and gave a satisfactory report both interior and exterior.

At the present time April 2018 the west section of the boundary wall is being attended to, due to pressure from tree roots and car parking causing damage.

This concludes a satisfactory report for a small village Church in Upper Nidderdale.

 John Robson (Churchwarden)


St Chad’s Middlesmoor

This past year we have had our monthly services with Darryl or Mike and often both.

Cafe church has been well attended,   unfortunately January this year had to be cancelled due bad weather.

There have sadly been four funerals at St Chad’s this past winter and happy  baptisms in February and March.

The Carol service was very well attended again with Margaret and our choir.

The Lambing service and Pet Service were both good again and the United Service was well attended, thanks to our friends from down dale!

Stephen and I would like to thank Margaret Mitchell for being our organist, she is going to be quite busy this summer as we have four weddings so far!!

This year on the 9th of June we are having a big celebration as our Bell Festival is 150 years old. Our guest speaker is Canon Tony Shepherd MBE who is a Chaplin to the Queen.

There will be commemorative mugs replicating the one from 150 years ago, the children from the parishes of Fountains Earth, Stonebeck up and Stonebeck down will all receive a free one with the rest for sale.

We are hoping for a fine day as there will be lots going on teas, stalls, games after the church service concluding with children’s sports, weather permitting.

Eileen Bain & Stephen Ramsden (Churchwardens)



Bewerley Grange Chapel

On behalf of all the Stewards at Bewerley Grange Chapel we would firstly like to say how much we will all miss Rex Martin who has been a huge   support to us all. His  beautiful flower boxes have already been freshly planted out in his honour.

We have had a positive and happy year at the Chapel with increasing numbers and some  newcomers.

The Flower Festival was a huge success and loyally supported by so many people. We made the decision to invite members of the village to help run this occasion as many community members approached us with kind offerings. We feel this will sustain and help keep this important event for the Chapel running.

We continue to have a great many people from our congregation and community who dutifully help support our Chapel in so many ways and we are hugely grateful.

Our Friends booklet continues to be circulated every year by Linda Pridmore which draws in money and publicity for the Chapel. We look  forward to another wonderful year.

The Stewards of Bewerley Grange Chapel



 St Mary's, Greenhow

The average number of people attending services is twelve, most of the congregation travelling from Pateley Bridge.

Celtic Communion seems to be a sincere  simple service which people enjoy. Two services a month have worked well ‘til the weather intervened.

Fund raising 

Excellent Car Boot

Fir Grove Coffee Morning ,a regular event and well supported        

2 Quiz Nights very popular

2 paper quizzes a very easy way  to fund raise. Thanks to David.

We did pursue the possibilities of a grant to repair the back wall, but the church contribution was  not feasible.

Paul Reinsch's funeral was a very fitting tribute to a great adventurer.  

Stuart Hatton has inspected the building and we are now more safety conscious. Second fire extinguisher was paid for by the quarry.

The Harvest produce went to the Homeless Project they are always delighted with our donation.

The remembrance  Service was well attended, the Nidd Chorale providing beautiful music .The collection was donated to The British Legion.

Afternoon tea was not a great success. Hymns On The Hill a sincere celebration of Easter. Christmas eve very special as usual.


Clock serviced.

Light replaced in tower and outside.

Yew bushes pruned.

This year we have had an enormous amount of help. After the service everyone helps and we are tidy and going home. Thank you to this amazing team for the help so willing given.       

Margaret  is now our regular organist and Ken stands in at a moment’s notice. Thanks to them we sing along quite well.

Our vicar is a man of great faith and has encouraged us to go forward and with his help we have grown and flourished. Our sincere thanks to him for his support, faith and worship.

Doreen Prince (Churchwarden)


Lay Worship Leaders

When I first was invited to become  Lay Worship Leader, I was pleased to accept  in order to share my faith with others and help the ministry team exercise the duties of leading worship in the parish. Since appointment I have enjoyed the research involved in preparing a sermon. It is a marvellous way of knowing the Bible better, and reading other commentaries on the Scriptures. I particularly enjoy the intimacy of worship in the smaller congregations of Willsill and Greenhow. Celtic Worship is a simple and meaningful ceremony, very meaningful to small rural communities like our Nidderdale Flock.

Gordon Murdoch (Lay Worship Leader)


Last year at this time I gave a report on being a Lay Worship Leader. In that year a lot has changed. I mentioned to Darryl that I was interested in developing my ministry. I agreed to take it further and he contacted the Diocese.

I had an interview and was put forward by the PCC to selection for Reader training. I was accepted at the selection day in June and commenced my training in September. I will be doing two years training, including a 3 month placement at another parish early in 2019.

I’m loving it. It’s a challenge, we have essays to write and presentations to do. I’ve revisited the Old Testament which I really struggled with at university 40 years ago and found it has been opened up in a new and exciting way. This term is about mission and ministry.

I’m actually enjoying the preaching side as it is making me read and learn and then I get the opportunity to share that learning.

Thank you for being so supportive as a Church family. I really feel that our mission statement is relevant and working.

Loving God, Loving People, Partners in Mission.

Six Buildings – One Church – One Mission.

Jane Spooner

Reader in training (April 2018)



Electoral Roll

The figures for the electoral roll last year was 111

There have been 4 names removed from the list due to deaths or moving away from the area and 4 new names added. This means that our electoral roll this year remains unchanged at 111.

Brian Hicks (Electoral Roll Officer)



Safeguarding Statement

The PCC adopted the diocesan Policy for Working with Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults (Promoting a Safer Church & Protecting All God’s Children) compliant with legal requirements and best practice. This policy was updated in March 2017 and a shortened ‘at a glance’ version has been prepared. We will soon be looking at our policy to see if any changes are needed The diocesan safeguarding policy and   posters are now on display in all of the churches of the parish. The provider of the DBS checks has recently changed and they are now co-ordinated by CCPAS Churches Children Protection  Advisory Service. Jane is    authorised to facilitate these checks as well as Judy.

A new legislation is that it is a requirement for every member of the PCC to have completed safeguarding checks with our safeguarding officers, the reasoning for this is that they are trustees of the PCC. We will be starting this after we have completed an audit and update of all those working with children, young people and parish visiting.

Please contact Judy or me if you are involved in any of these and know you do not have a DBS with the parish and we can add your name to the list.

Judy Buller and Jane Spooner (Safeguarding Officers) April 2018


Deanery Synod

The Deanery Synod met 4 times in the past year Starting in May with a workshop exploring  Vision 2030 and what our deanery will look like with approximately 40% less clergy across the country due to a  lack of incoming clergy to replace those due to retire.

In September the Synod explored Lay Ministry and some of the changes and opportunities with the Reverend Ruth Newton at St John’s Sharow.

The year was rounded off  in November with a social meal at Aldborough Village Hall where the Archdeacon Bev Mason encouraged the Synod and talked about resourcing the future.

The New Year began with a new approach to Deanery Synod Speakers. The Synod Standing Committee decided that they would use the book, ‘Follow Me, Living the Sayings of Jesus,’ By the Reverend Canon Ian Black as a framework for speakers and talks.

The first meeting of the new year was in January when the Reverend Jonathan Coore talked about his experience as the Vicar of a Southwark church when the London Bridge and Houses of Parliament attack occurred, relating the events and his response to the chapter of the book called, ‘Take up your cross.’

The Deanery Synod also decided to extend the Archbishops call to prayer, an initiative called, Thy Kingdom Come (between Ascension and Pentecost) to the whole year, meeting at various churches from each benefice of the deanery to pray for God’s Kingdom to come in that place. The meetings took on various forms from standard services of evening prayer to prayer walks around a village to a meeting where the Churchwardens introduced their churches and the   vicar led a short service afterwards.

Reverend Darryl Hall (Area Dean).