What's the difference between a Christening and a Baptism? Nothing, they are exactly the same thing but with two different names.

We are delighted to offer baptisms for you or your children. You may like to know that there is an alternative service known as a Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. Someone wanting to choose this service might want to aknowledge their child as a gift from God and want to formally mark the occasion but want their child to decide whether they want baptising when they are old enough to decide for themselves.

All of our churches are available for Baptism services. Each church building is distinctive so there is quite a choice. 

To book a date please phone the Vicar, the Reverend Darryl Hall on 01423 711414. (Day off is Friday). Baptisms are usually carried out on Saturday or Sunday afternoons at 2.00pm although there is always the option of having a baptism within a Sunday Morning Service if you prefer. 

You will be visited by one of our clergy usually at your home, and will be invited to attend the family worship 3rd Sundays of the month at St Cuthbert's, Pateley Bridge at 10:30am.

You will need to find some suitable Godparents.  You should be looking for three per child of whom at least one should be of the same sex as the child.  They should be 18 or over, baptised themselves, and people who you think will support you in encouraging your child to live a Christian life.

What is Baptism? (Christening)
Baptism is entry to the Christian Church, although it doesn't actually make you or your baby a Christian!  During the service, parents and Godparents undertake to turn away from evil, and to follow Jesus, and to bring up your child as a member of his church.  As your local church we are pleased to offer all the help we can to assist you and your child to fulfill your baptismal promises, but of course, the main responsibility for this is yours.

It also makes much more sense to have your child baptised in your local church.  Many people choose another church for all kinds of reasons - but when you link with your local church - then your local church is enabled to be there for you - supporting you, praying for you, and offering practical help in the teaching of the Christian Faith to your child. If you live out of the parish concerned, then you will need the permission of your local Vicar.



             Kianna-Rae, baptised at Bewerley Chapel         Spencer & Harris baptised at St Mary's, Ramsgill
                                 25th May 2014                                                      15th June 2014


That's the local information that you need to know about baptisms/Christenings but you may want to visit the Church of England website for more information. It's a new website with lots of snazzy features that I wouldn't know how to add to our website.

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